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Swans lead way forward

Much comment has been made about Sydney ability to recruit both Lance Franklin and Kurt Tippett via an extra allowance in their total player payments cap (which looks very likely to be removed in its entirety by the AFL).

Then there are the suggestions that four talls (when Sam Reid and Adam Goodes are added) probably can work together.

Although it an interesting viewpoint, when this is analysed with greater scrutiny it may well be that Sydney is at the forefront of another natural evolution in our game.

Game analysts often speak out against knee jerk reactions in the form of rule changes, suggesting that clubs will often find a better way given time.

The start of the season saw much criticism regarding the concept of mauls and too many players around the contest. There were calls for such things as having dedicated zones (like netball) or at least keeping two players from each team inside the 50m arcs at all times.

Over the past four rounds, with the Swans leading the way, many teams have effectively been doing a version of this on their own accord, by way of selection and game strategy.

With the introduction of the rotation cap, both the ruckman and his back "Hgh Jintropin Avis" up now spend more time forward than in previous seasons and when you watch carefully you will see these players are rarely with the full ground defensive press. Think Hamish McIntosh, Justin Westhoff, David Hale and Kurt Tippett.

There is no coincidence that those players listed are from the current top four clubs.

Their style of play is termed the ground Oral Steroids Used For Back Pain or, for the more football traditionalists, it simply means that the "Oxandrolone Powder India" full forward actually plays at full forward all day.

With the relative success of this tactic, these teams, plus many others, are now trying two, three or at times even four talls inside the forward 50m and leaving them there.

It takes a very courageous defensive group to leave a key forward alone in the forward 50m, regardless of where the ball actually is.

As a byproduct of this there has been a reduction in the number of stoppages as well as the number Primobolan 1ml of free kicks paid between the arcs over the past four weeks. Hence the negative remarks regarding the rolling maul have lessened, simply because there haven been as many, and there may well be some recognition that we may Australia Kamagra Manufacturers well be witnessing the beginning of a new evolution in game style across the league.

Round 9 saw 12 clubs competing and only two of these, Geelong and St Kilda, did not start the game with at least three players taller than 195cm inside the forward 50m.

In addition to the current top four clubs, it is also well worth considering the personnel and tactics of the clubs that are tipped to climb the ladder this year and over the coming seasons. I speak of Gold Coast Suns, GWS Giants and also North Melbourne.

This, not surprisingly, is the shift towards the use of three or more talls in the forward line.

The Suns employ Sam Day, Tom Lynch and Charlie Dixon, all 196cm or taller.

The Giants have Jonathan Patton, Tom Boyd and Jeremy Cameron, and North Melbourne has Drew Petrie, Majak Daw, Lachie Hansen and Aaron Black.

Add to this Kamagra 100 reduced interchange numbers (causing greater fatigue) and more and more highly skilled midfielders capable of passing the ball with pinpoint accuracy over any distance, and you certainly have game change.

The draft pool for 2014 is currently still taking shape, but, once again, expect to see plenty of key forwards standing 195cm plus drafted come November.

As an aside, if you are tall and want an AFL career, try becoming a defender. All AFL clubs are currently searching the "Oxandrolone Powder India" country for quality talls.

No doubt the conversation about the Sydney forward line will continue as they head further up the ladder.

Issues such as the salary cap, four talls playing in proximity and, of course, Buddy behaviour will prevail.

But it worth contemplating that John Longmire and his staff Oral Steroids Poison Oak have done more than simply spend their extra $1 million. They have recruited to play the game in a different manner and get the jump on all other clubs.

You can only hope that your club is being as shrewd and is planning similar things to trump the Swans, or at least have their eyes on a couple of key defenders who will help combat this new trend of multiple power forwards.